Exp : 1 - 5 Yrs

CTC : 3 - 4 Lakh

Job Description : Properly check the clearance of refinery and storage tank pipe line Check the pipe line valve should be ON while receiving oil from Refinery Operate Polish filter machine, chiller machine, votator carefully Check the rejected oil boxes for next process (i.e. refinery to re-melting process) Check the valves, steam pipe lines, heating pipe line are clear for loading the oil into Flaxi bags Timely check the Oil tank stock (Depth of oil ) and calculate the amount of quantity to receive for process Check the Storage tank oil quality collected from Refinery Timely check the machine all check points and critical parts as per checklist Check the temperature of oil while perform the Filter process Make timely arrangement of Flexi bags and their availability at the mean time Properly perform the drum filling activity as per Packing Incharge instructions Check if oil in solid form (little bit), perform steaming or heating process up to 40-550C to convert oil into liquid form Check the Plunger Pump upto 30kg pressure and also check the temperature up to 25 to 30 0C while performing votator activity Clean the pipe lines jam through Air flush and stem activity for smooth flow of oil Perform the Air flush activity when the pipe lines valve OFF or as and when require Responsible for Operating, close-monitoring of plunger Pump, Chiller, Chiller,V1 Auditor,V2Votator and PLC. Co-ordinate with Packing Incharge, Q.C. (Quality Control) department to follow the Quality of material. Responsible to Co-ordinate with Packing Incharge, Maintenance& Electrical department as and when machines troubleshooting. Inform Packing In-charge for Material shortage and material maintenance activity Prepare Oil stock report, Oil received from refinery and Oil consumption stock. Maintaining a Routine Transaction/ TASK Punching in ERP as per modules established. Prepare Log sheet of packing operations Call for more detail Mr. Somesh Chakradhari 9009127333 Through click & Download App